I Help Dancers Reach Strength & Flexibility Goals when Nothing Else Seems to Work




Your Body Doesn't Have to Hurt in order to reach your physical goals

As dancers we do not lack motivation. We stretch, do our exercises, and spend countless hours outside of the studio trying to be the best dancer possible. But what if that is not working?

Observing a problem is just the beginning. The body is complex and often requires some detective work to find the driver behind what is limiting performance or causing pain. As an example, something as simple as tension in your neck and shoulders can cause a ripple effect through the body. Over time this could result in limited flexibility, pain in the hip, and even limited range of motion in your ankles.

Drawing from my 20+ years of experience as a Professional Ballet Dancer, Elite Dance Educator, Pilates Instructor, and Dance Professional Trainer I empower my clients to take back their confidence, discover their potential, and transform their physical performance.

When you work with me in one of my movement coaching programs you will:

  • Receive an alignment and muscular analysis in order to find the root cause of technical difficulties, chronic injuries, and limitations in flexibility

  • Start training the body using techniques created by the latest scientific research

  • Shed the guilt of not doing enough.

  • Lose the feeling that there isn't enough "time" and see the value in an efficient program that works for you

  • Develop a program that is easy to stick to

  • Be empowered to take care of your body in a way that will sustain you throughout your career.

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Jonathan Dole

Joffery Ballet

Instagram @jonathandole 

I never knew ballet could feel so good. I used to be in constant pain when I danced. After working with you I can feel the correct muscles engaging and I am able to focus on enjoying my art form.

Juliana Bellissimo

San Francisco Ballet

Instagram @juliana_bellissimo

I'm so impressed by your knowledge and passion for helping dancers. I have no idea how you see so much virtually. Thank you for being my Pilates Guru!

Andromache Noti

Kirov Academy (DC)

Instagram @notinotaki

Working with Leah has helped me so much with my dancing! I began working with her after my knee injury. I am a stronger and more conscious dancer because of Leah and could not be more grateful.”

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Megan Tice

Sacramento Ballet

Instagram @meganleslietice

It is wonderful to have you in my corner. Your insight is such an asset. When I thought nothing else would work you helped me understand why I was in pain.

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