About Leah Bueno

"It is my deepest pleasure to be able to help people find the potential of the human body. I have seen dancers achieve amazing things when applying correct bio-mechanics to their dance training."

Leah Bueno is a former professional dancer and was first introduced to Pilates at an early age as a way to cross train for dance. After chronic injuries ended her career she became a dance educator working with both professional and pre-professional dancers for 18 years. She was introduced STOTT Pilates in 2013 and completed the full STOTT PILATES® program in 


She currently works with professional and pre-professional dancers for Injury Prevention, Post-Rehabilitation and Pilates therapies. Leah is a fully certified Pilates Instructor, holding specialty certifications in Injuries and Special Populations and Fascial Movment through STOTT PILATES®. Currently she is in the process of receiving an advanced certification in Dance Injuries. Her clientele includes professional dancers from the Sacramento Ballet, Los Angeles Ballet, Washington Ballet, Suzanne Farrell Ballet and Ballet Next, as well as many Pre-Professional Dancers.


Nicole McKeever
Former dancer Riverdance the Show

Wow is all I can say about Leah Bueno and her workshops! Please see her if you are a dancer with injuries or problems with alignment and posture.

Trevor J.
Parent of University of Utah Dancer

"Leah's knowledge of the body and it's relation to dance is unparalleled As my daughter incorporated Pilates into her training routine she was able to strengthen her core and musculature which has lead to improvement in her quality of movement. Her personal training with Leah has been critical to her success in the studio."

Jennifer Stahl
Dance Magazine Editor In Chief

I love the stories she writes for our website. She has smart insight that is a great fit for our audience.