What if someone said:

  • You can change your body and gain the physical tools all dancers desire.

  • Overuse injuries can be prevented.

  • You can increase your flexibility and strength.

  • Minor alignment adjustments can improve your technique.

  • Maximize your time by building an efficient program.

  • You no longer have to accept pain as normal.

That would be great, right?

I am here to help redefine the standard for how we train!

We are a community of exhausted, over-programmed, overwhelmed and broken dancers that are trying to do everything possible to be our best. We do not need to settle for outdated science that promotes injuries and does not give us the results that we want. Rediscover what it means to feel strong, mobile, and confident while you dance, so that you can focus on doing what you love!

Hi, I’m Leah

A Post-Rehabilitation Dance Specialist, and STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer


Comprehensively certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, STOTT Pilates Faculty Member, Founding Member of Danse Medica, Member of the International Fascial Research Society, trained in The Integrated Systems Model.

As a dancer I struggled with developing strength and flexibility. I was told multiple times that I would not be able to have a professional career due to my turnout, feet, extensions etc. Unfortunately, I was able to over come these limitations but it came with a price. The methods I used to correct these physical limitations caused me to develop chronic pain. Which ultimately ended my career.


During my career as a dance educator I was always interested in finding ways to work with dancers in a healthy way. After 15 years working with professional and pre-professional dancers I decided to step away from her career as a Ballet Mistress to focus on dance wellness. Although I miss the studio sometimes, being able to teach dancers how to move in a healthy way that still gets results has been the most fulfilling career.


I am very fortunate to have worked with dancers all over the world. My clients have danced with The Paris Opera Ballet School, San Francisco Ballet, The Joffrey Ballet, Ballet Met, The Sacramento Ballet, Suzanne Farrell Ballet, The Kirov Academy (DC), The Harid Conservatory, and many other pre-professional schools.

In addition to working with dancers I also works with many Post-Rehab patients recovering from surgeries or dealing with chronic pain.