Expand Mobility Method

Incorporating the latest in fascial research into a program designed specifically for dancers

Do you stretch consistently only to see little to no change?

Are you able to reach your flexibility goals passively but can not recreate them when it is time to dance? Or are you concerned that your imbalance of mobility vs strength could be contributing to your chronic injuries?

Dancing requires an above average range of motion. So why are we still relying on outdated methods that do not take the demands of dance into account?

What if I told you that the key to balancing mobility, strength and health is in understanding the inner workings of your fascial system? 


The Expand Mobility Method

6-Week Virtual Group Mentorship

  • ​The key to unlocking lasting and sustainable change​

  • A balanced approach to gaining both mobility and strength

  • Learn how to use the mobility you currently have and increase what you don't

  • A safe approach backed by science

  • A method made with dancers needs in mind

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What's included?

  • 6 Weekly LIVE Zoom coaching sessions with me! I'll be there to teach you everything you need to know about reaching your goals, celebrate your wins, and coach you through your struggles along with your new amazing community! *All coaching sessions will be recorded if you can't make it. ($500 value)

  • BRAND NEW virtual trainings each week, accessible and housed in your own student portal! With lifetime access. ($350 value)

  • 24/7 access to me for questions to help you troubleshoot on as questions come up! ($300 value)

  • Invitation to a private community group, where we can learn and support each other along the way! ($150 value)


... do not take into consideration the latest in fascial research.

... can limit your strength due to over-stretching techniques.

... creates instability in your joints which can lead to chronic pain.

... waste valuable time.

A proper mobility program is probably one of the most valuable tools a dancer can have. Yet, very few people are taught how to do it well.

I see dancers everyday wasting time with stretches that are not giving them the results they want and are the root cause of many dance injuries. A healthier alternative is a program that takes into account, strength, mobility and the connection between EVERY part of the body.

This is why I created the Expand Mobility Method!

In this 6-week program we will learn...

  • how to analyze the body to understand why current mobility goals are not being met

  • how avoid muscles getting tight during training

  • key exercises to mobilize restrictions and strengthen weaknesses

  • how to use your new found mobility safely while dancing

Every dancer is unique, and it is important that you work in a way that will enhance your talents, not hinder them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When are the LIVE calls?

The live calls will take place on Sundays at 9am (Pacific Time) starting on May 16th and go for six weeks straight.

What if I can not make the LIVE calls?

All the calls will be recorded and there is a ton of value to the program even if you miss the calls. Everyone enrolled in the program will receive an on-demand recording of the full program and be able to have access to me in order to ask questions as they come up. 

Who is this program for?

This program was designed for ALL types of dancers (age 13+) and dance professionals looking to learn about proper mobility training.

What will happen during the program?

Each week you will receive a  a new training in your student portal with some recommendations on how to track your progress. Then during the group calls we will go over each training to trouble shoot any questions you may have and cheer on everyone's progress.

What kind of access to you do I have during the program?
Access to me throughout the 6 weeks is 1:1 via a messaging app, and I offer unlimited individualized guidance to make sure you succeed. You can send me messages, pictures, videos, anything to help you with if problems come up along the way.

I have tried other program before and I am afraid this won't work for me.

I believe in this program so much that after two weeks if you feel like this was not the right fit for you let me know. I am always happy to talk about a possible solution and if there is none I will give you a 100% refund.

Hi, I am Leah!

I am the founder of The Pilates Dancer. As well as a STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer, former professional dancer, and dance educator of 20+ years. As a young dancer I struggled with developing strength and flexibility. Although I was able to overcome my early challenges, the methods I used caused me a lot of pain later in life. This was motivation for the work I do now. I am passionate about finding better ways to work with dancers so that they can work healthier and still get results.

In addition to my experience in Dance/Pilates I have spent countless hours educating myself on the latest research in movement science and fascia. I am very fortunate to have worked with some of the top professionals in Medicine & Science and I am very excited to help you understand how dancers can apply the latest research to their needs.

Your body does not have to hurt and you can reach your goals in a healthy way.

All you need are the right tools!

Join The Mobility Method and get one step closer to becoming the dancer you have always dreamed of becoming.