The Dancers' Hip Master Class

1 hour [FREE] Workshop with Leah Bueno

A Dance Movement Analyst Educational Event
Exclusively for Dance Professionals looking to expand their knowledge to work with dancers in a safe and effective way
Sunday, July 18th @12pm (PDT) 3pm (EDT)


Do you want to work with dancers in a anatomical way that is backed by science?

This FREE Workshop is Designed to Give You the Tools To Train Turnout, Teach Dancers To Access More Range of Motion, Stop Clicking and Popping Hips, and Finally Understand How to Safely Work with Dancers to Maximize their Potential.

Dancing requires an above average range of motion. So why are we still relying on outdated methods that do not take the demands of dance into account?

Introducing The Dancers’ Hip Master Class with Leah Bueno:


A {FREE} Online Workshop for Dance Professionals

July 18th @12pm(PDT) 3pm (EDT)

*Recording Available

  • UNDERSTAND THE SCIENCE behind the movement of the hip and how it specifically relates to dance.


  • AN EXACT FORMULA to assess the hip to know if more range of motion can be gained


  • WHAT IS IMPORTANT VS WHAT DOESN'T MATTER I'll help you create a plan so that you can stop wasting time on unnecessary techniques and cueing that is not getting the results that you want.

Working Incorrectly with Dancers’ Hips can...

... lead to unwanted injuries.



... reduce strength and mobility over time.



... limit your ability to maximize the range of motion necessary for dance.



... create chronic pain that could be career ending.



Understanding how to train the hip probably is one of the most valuable tools a dance professional can have.

I work with Dance Professionals everyday that are seeking specialized information about how to work with dancers in a safe and effective way. Understanding how to work with this complicated will go a long way to helping you be a leader in your field.

This is why I created the Dancers' Hip Master Class!

Leah Bueno,

Creator of The Dance Movement Analyst Certification 

Founder of The Pilates Dancer, STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer, Post-Rehabilitation Specialist, former professional dancer, and dance educator of 20+ years. 

Leah is passionate about finding ways to merge the latest in movement science, fascial research, and anatomy with the training of dancers. She is a sought after presenter and member of the élite Dance Medicine and Science community.