What is a Neutral Pelvis

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

​​Hi Leah, I was just wondering if you could help me understand when I am in a neutral pelvis and when I am in an Anterior Pelvic Tilt? I have struggled with this for such a long time. Keep up the amazing work!!

Nicole T.

Hi Nicole, One of the most challenging tasks faced by dancers is achieving a neutral pelvis while dancing. This is especially difficult for ballet dancers because external rotation of the femur is increased when the pelvis is tilted forward (anterior pelvic tilt). Because turnout is emphasized so strongly it's easy to fall into an Anterior Tilt. This pelvis placement however, is important to correct, because it can lead to injuries of the low back and hips.


Start lying on your back. Elevate your feet slightly and turn your legs out into a frog position.

To find a neutral pelvis.

1) Place the heels of your hands on your Hip Bones and point your finger tips toward your Pubic Bone. This should make a triangle with your hands. This triangle should be level to the floor. There should be a natural curvature to your lumbar spine without tension.

Now, try to keep your pelvis neutral and try experimenting with different movements on your back such as single leg développés , grand battements, and rond de jambes .

Once you have mastered this on your back try standing up and achieving the same thing.

I hope this helps,