Private Training

Private Training

Leah Bueno provides private, semi-private, and small group (4 person maximum) 55 minute training sessions at DFX Pilates in Sacramento CA or online. The rigorous physical demands of dance can expose dancers to unique injuries and incorrect bio-mechanics. Widely known as the secret of professional dancers around the world, Pilates programs can help manage these ailments, prevent further injuries and vastly improve technique.

In addition to Pilates Therapy, individual sessions can include help with dance technique, pointe strengthening and home programming.


Introduction Packet for New Clients


3 Private sessions $225 Only $119! ($106 Savings)Expires 2-month


3 Semi-private sessions $135 Only $79!($62 Savings)Expires 2-months                       

Private Sessions

Single Session$75                                                                                                                



5 Pack $350($25 Savings) Expires 2-months                                                                    



10 Pack $650($100 Savings) Expires 4-months                                                               



limited to two people.

Single Session$47 per-person                                                                                                                 



5 Pack$225($10 Savings)Expires 2-months                                                                      



10 Pack$425($45 Savings)Expires 4-month


Located  DFX Pilates. Which  conveniently located in the McKinley Park neighborhood of Sacramento. DFX Pilates is the only certified STOTT PILATES® certified instructor training center serving the Sacramento Area.

Private, duet, and group sessions are available by appointment only. Private sessions are 55 minutes in length. All sessions are processed through DFX Pilates.


A 24-hour cancellation notice for scheduled sessions and classes is greatly appreciated. You will be charged for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice for misses classes and sessions.


Note that packages have expiration dates. Please be aware of the expiration date of any package you purchase. All packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.